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Passion inside and outside the cup.

From our carefully picked tea leaves to our master blend experts, Harris Tea is passionate about creating the perfect blend. As important as passion is inside the cup, it’s equally important outside, which is why giving back to the community is an integral part of our core.

Harris Tea Company is donating $0.10 from each box of Harris Tea to the Alzheimer’s Association® – with a minimum annual donation of $25,000.
$0.10 from
each box

Harris Tea’s involvement and support of the Alzheimer’s Association® is our best blend yet. Founded in 1980, the Alzheimer’s Association® provides care and support for families facing Alzheimer’s disease while moving research toward methods of treatment, prevention and, ultimately, a cure. Harris Tea is proud to join the fight against Alzheimer’s disease by supporting the Alzheimer’s Association®.


Harris Tea sources teas from around the world, including countries such as India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and countries in Africa. Our mission is to impact the lives of source farm communities which is why The Harris Tea Company supports the Harris Freeman Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting origin farming and agricultural communities where we source our teas, herbs, and spices. By focusing on educational support, health and safety and sustainable farming practices, we have been able to sustain a reputation for excellence. Our mission is to impact the lives of source farm communities through a multi-pronged approach, with focused commitment to three critical areas:

1. Health and Safety 2. Educational support for source farm communities through direct financial contributions and development projects 3. Sustainable production practices with respect for the environment

Harris Freeman Foundation

Our Blends

Our teas are evaluated based on flavor, aroma, stringency, clarity, and color.

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